Kitchen and Cellar

5 stars for joy of life

Pleasure for body and soul comes from the tempting combination of regionality and internationality, in accordance with a fine wine selection and the professional but familiar service in a stylish atmosphere.

"You are only as good as the last meal you cooked!"

Klaus Geisenberger is our Kitchen Chef in the Parkhotel Frank team. As the head of our gourmet workshop, he is a connoisseur himself. This only makes it possible to arrange such pampering arts on your plates. Pure craftsmanship that will seduce you to enjoy...
He is a great friend of the upscale regional cuisine and has already worked for numerous star chefs in his career.

"Good wines are my passion."

Erich Stadlhofer is our Restaurant Manager & Sommelier at the Parkhotel Frank. From wine shopping to tasting to storage and care in the hotel, he brings together what belongs together. He will find the perfect combination of skill, diligence, cordiality and expertise in order to take care of every guest - and he also has a look at every corner of the restaurant and his team.