Fascination Oberstdorf

5 stars for joy of life

As if it had been created in a Sunday serenity of the dear God, Oberstdorf is beautifully situated in front of the magnificent backdrop of the Allgäu High Alps.


While the firn snow still glistens on the mountains, the meadows in the valley are already blossoming in indescribable splendour. Slowly, the spring climbs up the slopes, leaves the valleys to the young summer, and covers the famous "Allgäu Grasberge" with flowers and botanical rarities. And still, ski-tourers in high-alpine regions find what their hearts desire.


To enthuse about the summer in Oberstdorf would be like carrying coals to Newcastle. Mountain lakes invite you to swim. There is an endless number of cycling and hiking trails. Three mountain railways open up high alpine paths. Joyful holiday activities pulsate through Oberstdorf's car-free streets on warm evenings. One enjoys the Oberstdorf music summer or simply a sparkling summer wine on the hotel terrace.


The fact that autumn is not yet finished in November has long been going around. After a fascinating symphony of colours in October, autumn mildly and kindly leads into the homely Advent season. Then the first snow falls, and Oberstdorf's mountain Christmas with its countless lights and alpine customs rounds off the end of the year.


High snow safety is guaranteed until March thanks to modern snow-making systems. With long high pressure conditions with a lot of winter sun there are wonderful possibilities for ice skating, tobogganing and winter hiking on foot or with cross-country skis in well prepared cross-country ski tracks.

Mountain experience Oberstdorf

Wandern Einödsbach Tourismus Oberstdorf

There is no unattractive season in Oberstdorf. Each month has its special charms!

Six mountain valleys (including Kleinwalsertal), accessible to hikers and cyclists, flow into the cosy basin of the valley Iller and make the "oberste Dorf" (Oberstdorf) one of the most beautiful villages in the entire German Alpine area.