Hiking Checklist

5 stars for joy of life

On your mark, get set, HIKE! This is the motto here in Oberstdorf. But to make it a lot of fun, in all heights, you should always have everything you need with you. We have compiled a checklist for you so that you do not forget anything before starting your tour.

Important hiking tips from the Parkhotel Frank

  • Wear firm, ankle-high shoes
  • Do not forget to pack weatherproof clothing (good raincoat, scarf and possibly sweater)
  • Also very important sun cream, sun glasses, head gear
  • The hiking backpack, which is specially provided in the room for your stay, should include: a hiking map (already in it), money and ID, mobile phone and our emergency card "if something really goes wrong", plasters or other bandages, handkerchiefs for possible summit tears and very important - a camera, to capture the most beautiful moments
  • A snack and plenty to drink because it tastes best on the mountain
  • Perhaps identification books for flora and fauna
  • We will gladly provide you with information on public transport connections to and from your hiking destinations or plan a hiking taxi (for a fee)
  • Please inquire about the weather at the reception desk and watch it during the hike
  • If it is going to get a bit higher, we recommend to pack hiking sticks and an emergency set with rescue blanket

In our valley station 365 you will find hiking maps, tour suggestions and illustrate books. One of our hiking guides or the Frank family will gladly advise and support you.